Haiti Progres Pursues Secretive Agenda

Haiti Progres, a weekly started in 1983, targets news events that affect the lower classes in Haitian society. It owns printing and distribution centers in Brooklyn and New York, and publishes in French, English, and Créole. Its headquarters are located in Port-au-Prince.


Among Haitian weeklies, such as Haiti Liberté and Haiti en Marche,and dailies, Morning and Nouvelliste, Haiti Progres is the only left-wing publication representing the voices of the poorer strata of society.

Haiti Progres's editorial policy is to deliver a perspective on news analysis that favors a liberalist outlook and Marxist philosophy. Its website, designed with a red and white color scheme, symbolizes a strident approach to class struggle that remains underground politically. Its unwillingness to share news and editorial content on its website reveals paranoia, understandable in Haiti. Corruption and violence, whether apparent or not, still fuels government of Haiti's administrative engine at all levels.

Haiti Progres builds its publication on the ideas of Karl Marx, a philosopher and economist, considered one of the most brilliant thinkers in modern times. In an over-simplification, Marx believed the production of material goods form the basis for social, political, and legal infrastructures. As technology becomes more sophisticated, the current social structures wilt, suppressing its continuing development. In other words, for the ruling classes to continue profiting from the labor of the working classes, they must lower wages, take away benefits, and start wars.

Haiti Progres must work underground, and as such, true-class warfare has yet to overthrow the Haiti government's grip on power.

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