Overpopulation in Haiti Holds Country Back from Recovery

Overpopulation on the globe has become a serious concern to governments. All sectors of society are affected: jobs, education, healthcare, and agriculture. In emerging nations, the phenomenon is more intensified. Weak economies cannot create sufficient employment opportunities to lift people out of poverty. Nowhere is this truer than in Haiti. On the index of failed states, the small island has difficulty gaining traction to provide employment, housing, education, and healthcare to 70% of its 10 million population.

The poor in Haiti have become so desperate they often take to the streets, setting cars on fire and erecting barricades to obstruct the flow of commerce to voice their indignation at what they are forced to endure. Much of the violence occurring in places like Port-au-Prince come from gang activity. The Haitian National Police try to manage it but between inadequate manpower and the underground nature of gang activity it is like treading water.

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The future of Port-au-Prince in Video

What you are looking at in this animated video is the actual plan for the Haitian capital, Port-au-prince. This is actually what the city is supposed to look like after all is said and done.

The plan is to have all the major administrative offices in one location. In addition, you will see in the plan the rehabilitation of some major landmarks such as theaters, LYcees, etc.

Now, here are some of the most important questions: When will all these take place? will this remain only a dream and that there is no reality in any of that? Will I see the new Port-au-Prince in my life time?

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Martissant, Haiti

Martissant is known for its dense population, being a district of the capital, and also for the prolific violence that plagues the city and its residents. The surfeit of bad press, armed with truths, half-truths and suppositions about Martissant have painted the area as a 'no-go' zone for those who can avoid it.

Listed among the bad are those points in history that stick in the brain to this day; its part in the slaying of over 500 people due to gang related violence in 2006, the murder of freelance journalist Jean-Rémy Badio at his home in 2007, as well as the mass murder of no fewer than one dozen patrons at a soccer match in 2005.

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Marigot, Sud-Est of Haiti

The little town of Marigot, home to just over 50,000 residents, can be found in the south-east department of Haiti, and has been the recipient of propitious projects geared towards developing those towns in the country's South-East department.

Marigot has been the home of a new communal fishing center since early this year. In February of 2013, Secretary of State for Animal Production, a part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Development, Michel Chancy, along with the Secretary of State for Spanish Cooperation, Jesús Gracia Aldaz and Pierre-Guy Lafontant, noted agronomist and the Director-General for Fisheries, Health and Animal Production for the Ministry of Agriculture's Natural Resources and Rural Development arm, hosted the inauguration of the Communal Fishing Center (CCPM), as the second in a series of 5 such centers throughout the southeast.

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Morne Hospital, on the heights of Martissant in Port-au-Prince

There was no other multi- faceted development program ever before in Haiti like the work of watershed management in the Morne Hospital area. The primary object of the project was to reduce flood risks in the Morne Hospital and its surrounding area. Every year even a slightest rain used to cause real danger in the slopping alluvial areas and many other parts of Port-au-Prince.

The project under the program employed over 4,035 people living in the downstream areas. In addition to reducing flood risks and risks to human lives, the project was unmatched in offering many other benefits like creation of jobs, creating awareness to protect environment, reduction of community violence, improving health condition and strengthening the internal drainage of the city.

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New latrine and hand washing stations in Thomonde, Haiti

The activity of washing hands became more than just a routine matter of hygiene in Thomonde recently. It became a symbolic gesture to emphasize the impending end of the epidemic of cholera and other intestinal diseases that has plagued the country for far too long.

A community got together and washed hands, inaugurating the newly built latrine and station for hand washing built in Thomonde village at the Rezo Koze Lasante clinic. It was to coincide with the activities for World Hand Washing Day and was funded by the AmeriCares Haiti foundation. The construction was a step in the bigger project of making the health care of the community better so as to stem the tide of transmission of these diarrheal diseases.

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Strategic Development Plan of Mole Saint-Nicolas

On the site where, in 1492, Christopher Columbus landed, a new frontier of strategic development will take place in a plan mapped out by the IBI-DAA group for the Nord-Ouest department's Môle-Saint-Nicolas.

The town, home to just over 4,000 people will benefit from the plan, set out earlier in November by the group's Vice-President, Rene Hubert, to Mr. Wilson Laleau, Minister of Economy and Finance, as well as deputies, senior officials and senators. Technological progress has been steadily trickling into the area, with them having received cellular phone capability six years ago when Digicel erected a network tower in the area. Môle-Saint-Nicolas is also one of the only places in the country where the roads are fit for sturdy vehicles.

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Key delivery in Cite Fequiere by community reconstruction

After already being responsibility for the shelter given to 100 families, the creation of a water distribution system, a family hospital called ST. Mary, and a bakery that trains the young in the art of baking, Father Rick Frechette and his team have recently gifted 22 houses to the needy, under their project for community reconstruction, 'Fors Lakay'.

The doctor, head of NPFS and the ST. Luke Foundation for over 26 years, put together, with his team, the project which is aimed at improving the Haitian population's conditions of living. The 22 houses are to be found in Cité Féquière, and were made possible by the ST. Luke Foundation as well as the ACD (Action Chretienne Pour Le Development).

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Morne a Cabri, Haiti

It's been over a year since a mysterious housing development sprang up in the Morne à Cabri region, in the desert some 15 kilometers to the east of Port-au-Prince. These little houses, totaling approximately 3,000, are so described because the public has heard next to no details about the construction, despite the prescripts of the constitution, and a demand to hear more from the Haitian Government.

Despite the lack of information, as well as because of it, the questions keep piling up, largely still unanswered. Is it a private venture or is the Government in charge? Who has commissioned the construction, and to what end? What is the budget for the work being done in Morne à Cabri and where is the money coming from? What firm has responsibility for the construction and are the new guidelines for housing and building code policies being observed?

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Haiti, Perle des antilles

Sa se yon video mwen panse ke anpil moun ap rinmin. Pandan ke moun nan peyi etrange ap montre foto ti moun ki grangou an Ayiti, moun ki pa gin rad pou yo mete tank ke afè yo pa bon, mwen panse ke se devwa pa nou pou nou montre lot kote peyi-a tou

Voye Videyo sa ba tout moun ke ou konnin, especialman sa yo ki dekourage ak Ayiti yo

Payi sa tre bel paceke li gin yon kalite rivage ke ou pa trouve lot kote. La vie nan campagn yo se yon lot merveil en Ayiti. Payisan yo koutoi, genti et yo konnin komman pou yo recevwa etrange

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