Haitian volunteers banned from going to African countries to fight Ebola

The Haitian Government has made it clear that no Haitian is allowed to leave the country and go to any of the African countries currently hit by the ibola outbreak to help with treatment.


The statement was released by Haiti Ministers of Health, together with Minister of Interior and Defense. It stated that the Ministers forbade any agency, including the U.N. Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), from recruiting haitian volunteers for that purpose.

The Minister of Defense, Lener Renauld, also indicated that it's a question of public health and security to avoid any Ebola epidemic crisis from reaching Haiti.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran..

Nou pa tande ke te ginyin yon efor pou yo te pran moun an Ayiti ki te pou ale an Afrik pou yo te ale bay La min For avek maladi Ebola? Sa ki te fè bagay la pi interessan, yo di ke UN gin yon group moun minm pou sa kape mache rekrite moun pou bagay sa.

Eske se pa minm UN sa ki te pote Kolera pou no-an?

Eske se pa UN sa ki di ke li pa responsab kolera an Ayiti-an?

Eske se minm UN sa ki ape fè kon li konnin pou li pote Ebola pou nou?

Et byin annou tout di UN ke li fè asse an Ayiti

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Frideny says...

How dare an haitian can be to say that this is a bad decision! We do not have nothing at all, if an haitian brings that virus in the country we would be like africa, Ebola would kill almost all of us and the entire island would be affected, Dom. Rep. would be affected as well. I salute this great

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Andy says...

How could it be a bad decision when we all know how deadly is this disease, therefore more any other country that send help has high tech medical attention, what do we have?

There's no such thing about bad decision in that case when they return back with the virus who's gonna be taking care of them?

American banned to go over there so why not Haitian?

The government is

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Raymond Lafontant Jr says...

a very bad decisions in all senses.

Haiti has no right to refuse assistance to Africans.

Cuba has sent a team of 86 to help. the US in sending troops.

"doctors out of border" are there with personnel.

We should revise this policy.

Haiti will mark a good

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Subject: Haitian volunteers banned from going to African countries to fight Ebola edit

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