Haitian Woman, Cecilia Laurent, oldest Woman in the World at 115 Years

According to her birth certificate, Cecilia Laurent was born on January 31, 1896 in Croix des Missions, Haiti. She is a survivor of the 2010 Haiti earthquake that destroyed her home. Cecilia, or "Gran" as her family and all those who come to be in contact with her would call her, has been living in Canada since the 2010 earthquake.


Cecilia Laurent experienced the American Occupation in Haiti. She also was alive during the first and second world wars as well.

She has six children and many grand children and even more great grand children. Her oldest child was 96 years old in 2011.

Cecilia Laurent is a very religious woman and prays daily. According to her family, Cecilia Laurent enjoys every moment in her life. She is never upset and laugh constantly.

Do you think people like us will be able to live that long?

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F Jean says...

I am glad they acknowledged her, my grand mother is not far behind, she is 110 years old still alert and lives in a town call l'Asile her name Mme Justin

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Jamey says...

I wish and pray GOD to multiply your days after not to only stay the oldest woman in the world but also to be a hero in this poor country that we love very much Go Manmie Go

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Crystal says...

It would be my utmost pleasure to meet u Ms.laurent...i think that you are amazing! I have a special love for old people as yourself...and when i saw you dancing i cried...cause you looked so happy...may god continue to bless you and keep going...je vous en

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Neth D Haiti says...

NO she is not the oldest Woman in the world but one of the oldest, because I saw last month a woman in Cuba who celebrated her 126 years birth.


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Jackie Chow says...

I wish Ms, Cecilia another 115 years.


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