How to Deal with Toxic Relatives

In another way, how to avoid fighting with some family members you know will get you upset


The holidays are nearly here, and that means get-togethers with family and friends. These can be joyous occasions or oppressive ones. It all depends on how you handle the difficult personalities of immediate or extended family members. They are the ones most likely to affect your mood negatively.

It's important to understand how others' moods can affect us, especially our relatives. The principle to keep in mind when dealing with difficult personalities is you don't need to tolerate their bad behavior. By allowing their negativity to affect your mood, you subject yourself to psychological abuse and physical harm to your health. To protect and take care of yourself, be honest but don't judge them.

How do you recognize a difficult or toxic personality? He or she will express certain behaviors, such as constant complaining; blaming everyone else for their problems; blowing up things out of proportion; and sapping your energy with negative behaviors.

Clinically, these personalities may suffer from a mental or emotional disorder. They might be bi-polar, chronically depressed, or cyclothymic. This is why it's necessary not to judge, because they are having difficulties, which makes them toxic and anti-social.

To deal with them, be straightforward and say what is bothering you. Be firm but gentle. Get your point across quickly so as not to be pulled into a pointless argument. Keep in mind you cannot change anyone, only your response to them. Your honest and non-judgmental approach will produce a simple solution, which will surprise you.

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