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This is the corner where we attempt to address the current issues of the Haitian families. This section covers relationship, abuse, and any issue affecting the Haitian family

Child Discipline

Discipline child methods are of different types and between cultures there is a wide variation on this. In fact in the recent times there have been a lot of changes in the way a child could be disciplined. The traditional method is smacking or spanking the child on the buttocks.

Spanking is the term used in North American English and smacking is used in the Commonwealth and the British English. As of today child discipline of the non violent form is followed. For small families it suits best since it is time intensive. It is important to set good examples at home. A mother who spends a lot of time in front of the TV cannot expect the children to value their time.

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Understanding Alimony And How It Can Apply To You

Alimony is a term you will commonly hear during divorce proceedings. In simple terms, it is a financial arrangement between divorcing couples, one of whom will receive financial support from the other upon separation. Generally, the non-working partner will receive regular payments from his/her employed spouse depending on the latter's income.

In many cases, one of the married couples is employed while the other takes care of the household and provides emotional and physical support to the working one. In this case, think of alimony as recognition for the contributions and sacrifices given all throughout the relationship.

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Pet Dog

Dogs have been the loyal furry companions of man since the first human beings walked the Earth. The wolves, one of the dogs' earliest ancestors, have been recorded to be tamed and kept as pets by humans about 15,000 years ago. Fossils and DNA even suggest that the first domesticated dogs have been more than 100,000 years ago that originated most likely in the East of Asia. Migrating individuals then supposedly brought the first dogs from Asia to America.

There about 14 identified ancient breeds of dogs which include the Akita Inu, the Basenji, the Chow Chow, the Shar Pei, and the Shiba Inu. These breeds are native to China and Japan which made most scientists and researchers speculate that the first dogs did come from Asia. And as millennia and centuries past, hundreds and hundreds of variety of breeds have developed.

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Leash Safety Tips

Just having a leash for your pet dog is not enough since there are a number of leash safety tips to understand about as well. All that is needed is some commonsense while considering a leash for the dog. Different kinds of leashes are available in the market.

Smaller or thinner leashes are required for the smaller dogs, while thicker leashes are required for the big sized dogs. Once you start using the leash on the dog, ensure not to drag or pull the dog on a leash. Many a times the dog refuses to come home. In such a case all that you need to do is lovingly call out the dog's name and you will see it wagging its tail and more than willing to listen to you.

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Child Support Calculation: Things You Should Know

Children are the most vulnerable people affected in a divorce proceeding. Their interests should be protected at all costs. They shouldn't feel neglected the moment their parents decided to go on separate ways. And this is why you have to understand the importance of child support and how to go about it.

Whether you will be the custodial or non-custodial parent, you need to know how to calculate child support for your kid. To know more about it, here are some pieces of information that can help you out.

Child support policies may differ depending on the state you and your family are living in. However, the common factors involved in child support calculation include the parents' monthly income, the child's needs, and the parents' financial condition. Your child's standard of living should you and your partner remained married is also a factor to take into account because the kid should not get less than he/she deserves.

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Collecting Child Support From Abusive Parent While Ensuring Safety

Getting child support from your abusive spouse after breaking up with him might be difficult. Not only you can be threatened or hurt physically, mentally, and emotionally, your child can also be put in danger. When you have an abusive partner, it is best to stay away from that person as much as possible.

However, this doesn't mean that the abusive parent can get away from the responsibility of providing child support. Here are some ways to collect child support from an abusive parent without fear for your and your children's safety.

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How to Deal With Incomplete Abortion by Pregnant Mothers

As the name itself suggests, incomplete abortion is a condition that results when some components of pregnancy remain not expelled from the womb during abortion. This means that other portions of tissues and products of pregnancy remain in the womb long after the life of the fetus is terminated and expelled from the body.

You will realize you have incomplete abortion if you experience prolonged abdominal pain. The pain persists long after the abortion procedure has been carried on the patient. It is normal to experience pain during abortion but prolonged pain is a wake-up call that you may have had an incomplete abortion. Some patients will experience prolonged bleeding during the treatment.

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Baby shower gift

Parents expecting their first child generally get a baby shower gift like bath toys, crib toys, comforters, puppet washcloths, crib blanket, diaper bag, shoulder burp pad, nursery lamp, serving dish or other great choices or money at the baby shower party. This is generally done so that the expectant parents are able to arrange things necessary for the baby.

Some of the parents who find purchasing baby items as an unaffordable affair can make the most of gifts given at the baby shower. The function itself is a great occasion to welcome the new bundle of joy to the family which everyone is thrilled about. Generally a close friend arranges the baby shower party for the expecting parents since as per tradition it is improper for a family member to be involved due to the aspect of giving gifts.

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Dog Diet

The diet of one's dog is very essential for the dog's health. What only a few dog owners know is that the best food to give dogs are ones that are closest to what they most probably eat in the wild.

A dog's diet would have to include at least 50% of grains that should be boiled or steamed. The types of food that dog owners should always avoid feeding their dog with are chocolates, soft bones, raw meat, raw liver, raw fish, raw eggs, nuts, raisins, grapes, and onions. Milk is alright but should not substitute to that of water. Table scraps is also okay as long as it only makes up 10% of the dog's daily diet. For pregnant canines, a dose of calcium is essential.

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Puppy Dog

One of the most adorable pets is a puppy dog especially for young children. A young one of a dog is called a puppy. Depending up the breed the type of puppies will vary. There are certain larger breeds that bear twelve puppies and more while there are other dogs that bear just about one or two puppies. Out of the litter one of the puppies could be a runt and smaller as compared to the rest.

As compared to the rest of the siblings the runt is aggressive or meek, generally. After birth the puppies start suckling immediately. Out of the puppies if there is a runt then it is necessary for humans to hand feed the dog. This will ensure that they get adequate attention and nutrition for survival. On completing one month, they are weaned gradually and start eating solid food.

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