Integration of Haitians in Suriname

Alex Jospitre, the Haitian Consul General in Suriname, was part of the "Unity among Believers" event. This major event saw the coming together of 4 Haitian churches and over ten pastors and other religious authorities in what was a ceremony for the integration of Haitians living in Suriname. Strengthening the ties for the Haitian community in Suriname is a cause that Consul Jospitre is passionate about. In his address, he commended the religious leaders, among others, for their steps in bringing forth this desired outcome through their acceptance of the cause.


Suriname is a northeastern Atlantic country, off the coast of South America. Its history is much the same of its Caribbean neighbors, so much so, it is considered a Caribbean country and is also a part of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). As the smallest South American sovereign state, Suriname has a population of just over half a million.

The Haitian contingent has offered to that number, as described in the Consul's address at the event, a number of skilled workers including musicians, tailors, farmers, hairdressers, painters, bakers, cooks and artisans. He stated that it was peculiar that more Haitian small and medium-sized businesses had not been established before now, even those in the informal sector. He has urged his compatriots to cooperate, sharing knowledge and their endowments to create an investor class like other ethnic groups in Suriname. The consulate is prepared, as stated by Consul Jospitre, to give help in this effect.

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