Jean-Claude Duvalier has landed in Haiti - Video Report

Here is the latest video report on the return of Jean-Claude Duvalier to Haiti. according to the video report, Jean-Claude is currently at the airport in Haiti and is expected to leave Toussaint L'Ouverture International airport shortly.


As new pictures and videos of Jean-Claude arrival to Haiti unfolding, we will continue to share them with you

Where will Jean-Claude sleep tonight?

He is going to go under the tents in Port-au-Price to show his support?

How long will he stay in Haiti?

Does Jean-Claude Duvalier want to run for president of Haiti?

Will he go back to Franc or stay permanently in Haiti?

Will Rene Preval hand former president Jean-Claude Duvalier over to the Justice Department in Haiti?

So many questions my friend!

Do you have an answer? Please comment

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Pierre-m Antoine says...

se konm si nou te we menm jan apwe chak fwa, divalie tounen apwe aristid tounen, tout sa ki nou yon pep yap bat pou yo retire yo ou pa we nou pa gen 18me 1 janvye,18 novanb,7 fevriye, sel sa ki rete se 1804 ki rete pou yo efase sa

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Angry Diaspora says...

How did he govern the country?

With his "tonton macoute "What did he accomplish?

Allowed his wife to destroy it. He came back for more $,this time with a new wife. How much money he donated to the earthquake

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Gerard G says...

Sak passe la se yon jwet yo jwe avec Pep Haitien, men pep la pa we sa yap fe yo bliye 7 fevrie Juste pou yo ka fe sa ke yo vle fe, SA vle di: Neg Preval la tap mande prolongatyon nan mach la pep la ap rele anmwe, kouli-a li ba nou yon distractyon avec ancien dictate nou-an epui nou pran ladan -l

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Jean Bethy says...

to everyone who want change in Haiti let's put our voice together in unity no more hate no more let's forgive and move on just like Chile, Philippines and other country that was like us in the late

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Daniel S. says...

Is Michele Bennett returning to Haiti also?

Jean-Claude Duvalier is a good person but his wife was the one who made the Haitian population turn against him. This guy should be president of Haiti again.

he is the only one who knows how to govern

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Rodrigue says...

It is about time that Jean-Claude return in Haiti.

It has been too long. I think that Jean-Claude is the ideal leader for Haiti at this

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Subject: Jean-Claude Duvalier has landed in Haiti - Video Report edit

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