March through the streets of Petit-Goâve on the World Day of Peace

Dressed in white shirts with blue designs, carrying white signs with red writing, the participants of the World Day of Peace street march struck a patriotic chord while pushing their cause. Made up of members from the youth organization 'Miroir' the march took place through the Petit-Goâve streets, and was organized to bring calm back to the city.


Up to the day of the march, the Petit-Goâve community had experienced 10 days of demonstrations against the local authorities. The tension-filled days led to the appeals on signs for the end of the discord, with some bearing messages pleaded for no violence and an end to tire burning. Still, amidst this peaceful march National Road #2 was blocked, a young boy sustained an arm wound, and gunshots were heard at 11:00 a.m.

The peaceful protest is said to have taken this more serious turn after Petit-Goâve inhabitants threw stones and bottles at the marchers. The peace demonstrators then threw stones back, and the event became a political battle between those for the opposition and those against it.

Following the fiasco, the marchers tried to regain their earlier momentum and continued their march to the final site of the public square in Petit-Goâve. There, the Miroir leaders, Pierre Rony and Jean Hughes offered thanks for their participation and gave a speech about their commitment to the cause.

The day, which started off with a message for peace and a call for both sides of the struggle to sit together and have dialogue, took an unfortunate turn that could have led to serious consequences considering how high tensions have become. Thankfully, the day of peace was able to prevail at the end, showing that the throwing of stones need not be the last words.

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