Message of President Martelly following the resignation of Prime minister Garry Conille

President Michel Martelly went on Television yesterday to reassure the Haitian population that the government is stable following the sudden resignation of Prime Minister Garry Conille.


What will happen next. As we all know the two branches of the Haitian government have not been in good working relationship lately. Following a meeting that took place recently at the private home of Prime Minister Garry Conille where there were allegation that the President insulted many Haitian Senators and Deputies who were present, many have decided to limit their interactions with the president. Now that the situation requires that they come together and select a new Prime Minister, how will this turn out?

Garry Conille had been under intense pressure to resign. According to Miami Herald, an advisor to President Michel Martelly delivering the request in person. On the other hand, the presidents of both the lower chamber of Parliament and the Senate did not think that it is a good thing for Prime Minister Garry Conille to resign at this time. The both feared that it would make the current crisis worst.

Here is the message of the Haitian President Michel Martelly, following the resignation of Prime Minister Garry Conille:

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Monel says...

Yes Michel martely could be the man of the country, if and only if Martely denounce the GANG he got by him

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Mc Candy Joseph says...

I think jean claude duvalier was just a kid when he was on power, now the man back home he's counting days, your need to let him enjoy the rest of his life in peace.jean claude duvalier was doing what he's told, sometimes he has no idea of what going on around him, let the man guys wanna just look to your right look to your left then you will see the very clear image of who been doing most killings to my peoples.

(cheke vwazin yo) among us the need to be

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Rudy Loiseau says...

I love my president Matelly.cuz he is man for this

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