Michel Martelly holds talks with former Haitian president Préval

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014, the Haitian President Michel Martelly welcomed the former Haitian President René Préval at his office to discuss about holding the coming legislative and local elections in the country within a shortest possible time. President Martelly invited ex- President René Préval to ask about his advice on handling the ongoing the political situations efficiently. He considers President Preval as an experienced politician who confronted a number difficult situations; the only president in the country who has completed two terms as the President of the nation. Meeting a personality like him was important because he was an expert negotiator who managed to reach many consensus under difficult situations. As per the President's statement, their discussion had revolved around the coming election, education, agriculture, reforestation, environment, and many other things. The former President Preval was flown to the President's palace by a helicopter from a remote northern town. He said he has advised Martelly of the current political situation and hopes his advice will be helpful in solving the problems that the country is facing.


About four weeks ago Martelly launched a new round of political talks with recalcitrant opposition senators and parties in a move to convince them to cooperate in the coming election for the two thirds of the 30-member Senate Assembly, the entire Lower Chamber and hundreds of local government entities. In last July, the leading opposition factions alleged that the electoral council appointed by the President is stacking the deck in favor of President Michel Martelly. By putting aside narrow political differences, the Haitian President is eager to move every roadblock to hold the next election. Because he needs to pass the requisite legislation and authorize election at the earliest opportunity. Holding election is central to the country's overall stability and future development.

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