People of Haiti! I have a date with history in Parliament, PM Jack Guy Lafontant

It seems like Prime Minister Jack Guy lafontant is ready for a fight tomorrow at the Haitian Parliament this Saturday (7/14/18). Is it only me or do you also feel this way? PM Lafontant declared in all confidence that he will be at the historic rendez-vous in Parliament this Saturday to respond to the invitation of the deputies in opposition.


Since the violent protest last weekend, rumors have been circulating in the media about the fate of Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant. He remains confident after all. PM Lafontant took office in February 2017. He had faced widespread criticism even before this latest incident.

Do you think he will survive this interpellation?

Some in the population believe that this will be just a media show and that nothing will happen at the end of the process. " You can not go against someone if you have been receiving money from that person".

There is even a chance that Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant will certain things out in the open by revealing who have been paid by the government

When he took office In February 2017, Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant looked confident. However, when the IMF-mandated fuel price hikes triggered clashes and resulted in at least four deaths in the recent riots on July 6,7 and 8, 2018, he faced widespread criticisms. The plan to raise fuel price later was abandoned. Criticism was nothing new during his tenure as the Prime Minister of Haiti. Lafontant, a physician by profession had little experience in politics before taking office in February 2017. However, this time he was interpellated by 16 members of the parliament to face a potential vote of no confidence. Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant resigned over his handling of a failed plan to raise the prices of gasoline, diesel, and kerosene by 38% to 51%.

During his speech to the deputies at the interpellation session in Port au Prince, Haiti, on July 14, 2018, he confessed to have submitted his resignation to the President of the Republic earlier in the day and the President has accepted it. Lafontant studied medicine, specializing in gastroenterology and internal medicine and became a university instructor. He became a member of the Haitian Medical Association and the American College of Gastroenterology.

Following his resignation, President Jovenel Moise appeared on the television to deliver a short speech. He said, he will appoint a new prime minister as soon as possible after the resignation of the country's second-highest official. An inclusive government will be formed whose mission will be to alleviate the misery of the Haitian people.'' Moise further said, he had spoken with protesters and international organizations to find a solution, but did not mention whether fuel prices would still rise.

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