Flash - Haitians attacked Dominican soldiers, escaping with their weapons

Two Dominican soldiers were the victims in an attack by illegal Haitians workers attempting to cross the border. The incident took place early this Saturday around 4:00AM IN Los Palos Blancos community in Dajabon. According to the report, a large group of Haitians immigrants were intercepted by the a Captain and a Sergeant of the Dominican army on patrol. The Haitian immigrants who were n armed with knives and machetes turned on the Dominican soldiers and brutally assaulted them. The border agents are in critical condition as they received severe injuries such as fracture of the skull, head trauma, facial and nasal injuries.


According to a General of the Dominican military, 4 Haitian nationals had been arrested Saturday on suspicion of involvement in the attack. The stolen gun has not yet been found.

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Subject: Flash - Haitians attacked Dominican soldiers, escaping with their weapons edit

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