No more Money for Proctoring and Correcting State Exams

Minister of Education, Nesmy Manigat, following a consulting session with the Trade Union and Employers' Sector, has decided proctoring and correcting of official examinations by private or public school teachers will no longer be compensated. Savings derived from this budget cut will permit inclusion of extra teachers into the education system.


A Circular was issued explaining how the decision to forgo compensation for proctoring and correcting examinations was made, and the formation of a corrective body, whose responsibility it is to ensure the integrity of the official examination process.

The Ministry of Education has been receiving complaints from the education community as well as parents, challenging the probity of the proctoring and correction process. In addition, the Commission for the Observation of the Conduct of State Examinations (CODEXE) recommended the Ministry of Education (MOE) needed to manage its resources more effectively. Together with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MENFP), CODEXE notified education leaders a decision had been made to form ". . . an official corrective body responsible for assessing student copies on . . . state exams."

MENFP and CODEXE explained in the Circular there would be organized a group of supervisors and invigilators participating in the completion of state examinations to guarantee "the integrity of those involved." The MOE explicitly states in Articles 18 and 19 no specific contract shall exist between the official corrective body and the MOE; but it will compensate the agents for travel costs, accommodations, and food.

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