North Miami Police Chief Marc Elias to Reimburse City

North Miami Police Chief Marc Elias traveled seven times in Haiti since April 2012. He charged the city each time for a total of $14,000. His travel expenses were paid from city's Law Enforcement Trust Fund which was created out of the money seized from criminals and which was meant to be spend on training, public education, equipment or crime prevention. However, as per the statement of City Manager Stephen Johnson, Elias' most recent trip in August did not have enough documents entitling him reimbursement.


While Lucie Tondreau, the Mayor of North Miami, was in Haiti on a private vacation, Marc Elias, as per his revelation, accompanied him by flying in business class to ensure the mayor's safety. The other purposes of his trips as per his disclosure were, meeting Haitian police staff in a program under strengthening the Haitian Police force, attending eighteenth anniversary celebration for Haitian police force and a swearing-in ceremony for Haiti's national police chief.

He has not submitted any itinerary, receipts for his trip nor the name of the person he met in Haiti. North Miami police personnel, while on tour, as per their service rule, do not have to submit any document for out of pocket tour expenses paid but they receive full allowance entitled to own category irrespective of the actual amount spent.

The fact is, as per his revelation, he came to Haiti in August this year with a purpose of betterment for Haitian community police service. But this objective does not warrant him entitlement for government reimbursement. Only New York police department has partnership with Haitian state to train National Police force of Haiti. North Miami is in no way concerned with the Haitian law enforcement agencies. As per city record, his two week trip that commenced in July cost around $2,800 public money ($1,087 for Airlines business class ticket, Hotel stay $803 and $666 for meals, etc).

As a grand gesture towards good relation, North Miami Police Chief Marc Elias should return the money paid on him by the city.

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