Only a Two Day Visa issued to Deputy Arnel Belizaire to remain in the United States

Is this a sign that you are not welcome here?


The current Haitian Deputy Arnel Belizaire may feel that way after his recent application for a U.S. visa to enter the country.

Posted on the Facebook page of Deputy Belizaire is a picture of the actual visa issued on May 29, 2013, with an expiration day of May 31, 2013. The visa issued to the Haitian Deputy is enter the United States that is valid only for 2 days.

Deputy Arnel Belizaire denounced the action by posting on his Facebook page:

"Men sa blan an vle fe ak diplomat peyi nou poul ka moutre lemonde li respekte konvansyon li siyen yo e li pa gen pwoblem ak mwen vre"

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Folie says...


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Ti Camille says...

Arnel Belizaire is a criminal as far as the American Justice is concerned.

According to some reports, he is unable to travel to any country.

I believe there need to be full investigation on the criminal activities of someone like Arnel.

I believe U.S. has enough information about him to treat him the way they do. One thing we are not aware of is that The American government collect information on an ongoing basis about various individuals in order to manage threats against them.

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Julien Nazon says...

Was Arnel ever convicted in the United states for a crime?

There are rumors circulating that he was involved in some funny activities in the past. If that is the case, then the United States has every reason not to let him inside of the country.

I know many people who were deported back to Haiti are going for an elected position just to be able to to get back to the U.S. Isn't it the case with Gracia Delva?

The only way he was able to go back to the United states after his deportation was to become a Deputy.

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Julienne Vaval says...

It doesn't matter whether Deputy Arnel Belizaire holds a position that is not favorable to the United States.

We are talking about a country representative.

Arnel Belizaire was elected democratically and is an official of the Haitian government.

He deserves all the respects accorded to an official unless that official was declared Non grata.

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Jean Jacques says...

Nou pa bezin Indezirab Tankou Arnel belizaire na Eta Zini. Mwoun Panse Ke Anel se yon moun ki fou.

An Ayit tout Voum se Sol. Li pa gin problem rete an Ayti poule kraze biro nan Palman Ayisyen an.

Se sel An Ayiti ke on Plmante ka ale nan you piblik office a kraze Pot pou li al Chache Dokiman

Anel se Yon Pon Gongon.

Chak 2 ou bien 3 mwa, fok li fe pale de

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Pete Morisseau says...

Kisa belizaire beswen in the US, is a trouble maker, yo pat dwé bali visa?ni moïse jn charles, they can blabla home

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Rosemond Jn Baptiste says...

You can say whatever you want about the Duvalier regime.

You can say they are criminals Noirist, etc. One thing you must say that we never got to this point in term of diplomacy.

We had respect and our diplomats were welcome anywhere they went.

We were poor but no nations could say that we were what we are now.

My only lesson to you is that "We will not get anywhere until we respect

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Jackson Joseph says...

The day that we rehabilitate our character, the world will respect us and at that point, the United states will not be able to see our desperation for visas.

Until that day comes, we will continued to be seen as the laugh of the world.

To the world, Haiti is a case of Charity.

To the world, we are a group of people they need to come in help to. They see us as uncapable of accomplishing much.

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Alserde Emile says...

yo trete chak bagay selon kalite w. chen kom chen, moun kom moun,...

yo pata sipoze ba li menm, mwen panse li chanse anpil, epi sa tap yon siy pou fini ak ignyorans nan

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