Marc Louis Bazin, Haiti's functionary in the United Nations

Marc Louis Bazin who was functionary of the United Nations and Minister of Finance and Economy in the Haitian government was born on March 6th, 1932. The military which had seized power made him the Prime Minister in June 1992.


Grew To Be a Favorite of US

Soon Marc Louis Bazin became the President of Haiti and continued in the post for a year. He was the favorite Haitian presidential candidate for the Bush administration in US. The military dictatorship was harming foreign relations and the government had gone in for free elections.

In this election Marc Louis Bazin was seen as the front runner for the post and it was proved right. Though the US did hold him in high esteem, initially they were opposed to him. They thought he had come to the position through illegal ways.

Request for Talks

Jean Bertrand Aristide had won the elections but was later deposed giving way to Marc Louis Bazin. For this reason US did not accept the leadership of Bazin. Later they struck a good rapport with him and tried to forge healthy relations.

US even went to the extent of asking Astride to have talks with the military and Bazin. With change of administration Marc Louis Bazin left his office in June 1993 and that was the end of the term of the 49th President of Haiti.

Marc Louis Bazin contested in the 2006 but hardly got any votes and with that ended his political career. The election had 35 candidates contesting. All through his political career he was a strong opponent for Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Marc Louis Bazin has left behind a large family comprising of many sets of twins as children and grandchildren. He died on June 16th, 2010. He was 78 years old.

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