President of Haiti - Henri Namphy

Born on November 2nd 1932 at Cap- Haitien, Henri Namphy was another military leader who became the president of Haiti. In the army he rose to the post of a general. His first stint in the political area was as the President of Haiti during a period where the interim body ruled.


Interim Council

The interim body was the National Council of Government and they ruled from February 1986 to February 1988. This interim council consisted of six civilians and six military personnel. This interim body assured elections and reforms that would be people friendly.

It was to this interim body that Heri Namphy became the president. Later he became the president from June 1988 but that lasted only till September 1988. He was deposed by the Haitian coup d'état of September 1988.

Honest and Apolitical

Henri Namphy was honest and apolitical and this did bring him some problems during the early weeks of being in power. Haitians were very happy to be relieved from the strangle of the Duvalier control and celebrated his departure.

But soon the celebrations turned into looting and rioting. As violence spread the justice minister of the interim council resigned and Namphy sent out three other members who were believed to be close to the Duvaliers. The Duvaliers had control for many years and the people did not want them back.

A Short Term

With very few members in the council, the council had problems in enforcing its rules and exercising its authority. There were demonstrations and frequent strikes which disrupted normal life in Haiti. Some alternate arrangement had to be done and interim council was dissolved.

It was then Henri Manphy became the proper president of Haiti but that lasted a few months as he was overthrown by a group led by General Prosper Avril. He is currently living in the Dominican Republic

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