More Protests announced in Haiti for Coming Days

The protests of Haitians against the published election result are still continuing, protest against the ruling party has almost become a daily occurrence. In the midst of controversy, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has confirmed that government backed candidate Jovenel Moise will face Jude Celestin in the final runoff on December 27th. The number that puts ruling party's candidate Jovenel Moïse much ahead of his other contenders has raised suspicions of massive frauds.


Former senator Moise Jean-Charles, who came third with 14.2% votes, has claimed that his supporters have found numerous partially burnt ballots marked with his name and many ballots favoring his support went missing. An exit poll on October 25th revealed that a little over 6% of the sample voters had said that they have voted in favor of Jovenel Moise, and that estimate placed him fourth on the winning rank list. Surprisingly, when the result was out, he came to the top with a total 32.8 % (511,992) votes defeating Celestine's 25.2% (394,390) votes.

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