PHTK protest in St Mark aborted due to lack of Participation

It is normal that people do not want to associate themselves with a loosing team. This is probably what explains the cancellation of a protest organized by PHTL and the supporters of Jovenel Moise on January 28 in St Mark. A protest march organized by PHTK supporters was programmed to begin at 10:00AM on January 28 at Freedom boulevard in St Mark; however, it was cancelled due to lack of participation. Franky Christmas who is the regional Coordinator of PHTK was unable to explain why supporters did not show up. He promised that the mobilization will continue in the future.


What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol

PHTK pwotestasyon nan St Mak abandonne akòz mank de Patisipasyon

Se yon bagay nòmal ke gen moun ki pa vle asosye tèt yo ak yon ekip ki perdi. Sa a se pwobableman sa ki eksplike anilman yon pwotestasyon ki te òganize pa PHTL ak sipòtè Jovenel Moise 28 janvye nan St Mak. Yon pwotestasyon piblik ki te òganize pa sipòtè PHTK te pwograme pou kòmanse a 10:00 AM 28 janvye nan Libète boulva nan St Mak; sepandan, li te anile akòz mank de patisipasyon. Franky Christmas ki se Koòdonatè rejyonal la pou PHTK pa te kapab explan poukisa sipòtè yo pa t 'vini. Sepandan li te pwomèt ke mobilizasyon an ap kontinye nan lavni.

Kisa ou panse?

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Mecene L says...

tet kale coupe zero qui coute 10 centimes, egal zero barre..==le

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Subject: PHTK protest in St Mark aborted due to lack of Participation edit

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