Ricardo Seitenfus book, International Crossroads and Failures in Haiti

Within Ricardo Seitenfus' new book called "International Crossroads and Failures in Haiti" he details what went on with the 2010 elections. There were discussions that the meddling was to try to force the President, Rene Preval, from office by messing with the ballot box for the election. This was to ensure that the candidate Jude Celestin would not move on in the runoff election. The candidate that won the runoff election was Michel Martelly even though less than 1/5 of the eligible voters participated in the election.


The author of this book, Seitenfus, expressed his theory of the election meddling and was not afraid to explain what is going on with the government of Haiti and the corrupt NGOs. He confirms through his book that the United Nations was also responsible for cholera getting into Haiti and tried to cover it up. UN Special Representative, Edmond Mulet wanted to ensure that Rene Preval was out of office and even possibly moved into exile. Consequently, Michel Martelly was picked to compete in the runoff election and not Jude Celestin. And the former pop musician, known as "Sweet Micky", was selected as the president of Haiti.

Seitenfus states that the UN did have responsibility even though they denied responsibility for the cholera outbreak. Meanwhile, as of February 2014 almost 700,000 have contracted cholera and over 8,000 have died. Professor Seitenfus feels that it is his responsibility to talk about the world of international negotiations with Haiti.

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