Antoine Craan, Professional soccer player

Antoine Craan was born in Port au prince on the eve of January 17, 1931. He relocated to Canada at the age of 24 years to play professional soccer for Le Tricolore de Montreal in the province of Quebec. He made history by being one of the two black players in the region. He then went on to work in the Ligue de Soccer Minuer in the 1960s. He continued to ascend the career ladder when he became the technical director of Federation de Soccer du Quebec, which recognized his contribution to soccer and embedded his name in its soccer hall of fame in 2001.


Antoine Craan moved back to Haiti's capital in the 1990's, where he became the director of the École fédérale de l'arbitrage de football. In fulfilling his duties he accompanied players for international soccer matches.

While still in Canada, Antoine Craan got interested in the Raelism, which he fully embraced in the 1980s by becoming a priest. Raelism was dear to his heart, and upon his relocation to Haiti, he continued to advocate for it. He was later crowned the president of the Mouvement Raëlien Haïtien for his efforts.

Antoine Craan met his untimely death on January 12, 2010, after the devastating earthquake struck Port au Prince while he was in his office. He was able to escape from his office, but a large piece of rubble composed of concrete landed squarely on him as he made frantic efforts to flee, killing him instantly.

He was married to two wives with seven children. His second wife and one of grandchildren is said to have been killed by the quake.

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