SWAT Team celebrates 17th anniversary

The 17th anniversary of the SWAT team of the Haitian Nation Police was a noteworthy affair for the Haitian government, as Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe paid a visit also in his capacity as the National Police's Superior Council President. Lamothe, in a briefing with the press, stated that the elite team was very important to the Haitian Police and needed the support of leadership in carrying out their duties well. He made the mission of his visit to figure out the requirements of the tactical team and to aid in the beefing up of the nation's security.


The Director General of the Haitian National Police, Godson Aurélus, commended the Government on its continued support of the PNH. He stated that the stability of the country in regards to safety had not been so stable over the last twenty years and attributed it to the patronage of the Government.

Speaking to the police on behalf of the Government, Prime Minister Lamothe assured the force that the support would continue, bringing with him the regard of the President who spoke of the great feat undertaken by the highly trained and well equipped unit to fight the country's crime, instill and maintain peace in the Haitian community.

As the National Police's Intervention Unit, the SWAT team relies on their force as a unit, lending their special training and abilities to solve problems above the scope of regular police. As such, morale is key and the efforts of Prime Minister Lamothe are an investment in keeping the rate of violent crimes, including kidnappings, down.

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