Haitian Women Honored by Consulate General of Haiti in Miami

On Sunday, 24 March, Miami's Cultural Section of the Consulate General of Haiti honored 12 women for their professionalism and creativity in community and humanitarian activities. This ceremony was held in Miami's Moca Café & Lounge. This ceremony was hosted by Émeline Michel, a famous singer from Haiti. The 12 women were awarded by "Beacon of Hope and Achievement Award". The ceremony was an outlet for thanking these women for their achievements and also to boost their morale for further contribution towards the development of the Haitian community.


The award was given out in turn by François Guillaume II (Miami's Consul General of the Republic of Haiti), Guy François Jr. (Vice-Consul), Mr. Isson Joseph (Consulate's Head for the Section of Community Services) and Cultural Section's Head. The 12 women who received the "Beacon of Hope and Achievement Award" were:
• Émeline Michel - A Haitian Artist
• Jenna Green - Project Medishare
• Dr. Marie Etienne - Haitian American Nurses Association
• Kimberly Green - Green Family Foundation
• Judith Joseph - Breakfast with Santa
• Marleine Bastien - Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami
• Rasha Cameau - Haitian Ista
• Nadie Mondestin - Haitian Youth Community Center
• Major Franzia Brea-Burden - North Miami Police Department
• Paola Pierre - HACCOF (Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida)
• Nadine Patrice - Operation Green Leaves, Inc.
• Gepsie Metellus - Sant-La

François Guillaume II is the newly elected Consul General who has promised the renovation of the small consulate in the downtown Miami. He has also promised a satellite office in West Palm Beach. He has also made it clear that he will prioritize and promote tourism and investment in the Caribbean country and improve transparency between Haitian Diaspora and Haitian Government.

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