A Historic monument in Haiti, the National Palace, is to be demolished

This is the end of an era once again in the history of Haiti. The Government announced that the non-profit aid group of Sean Penn will oversee the demolition of the wrecked National Palace, free of charge. According to Government spokesperson, Lucien Jura, Penn's J/P HRO group will begin the demolition in the next 10 days. Sean Penn holds the title as ambassador-at-large for Haiti.


The crumbled Haiti National Palace has symbolized the level of destruction that took place in the Port-au-Prince area following the 2010 earthquake. Thousands of buildings were destroyed and over 200,000 people died.

Haiti national palace, a historic monument in deed.

A total of four buildings so far has held the title of Haiti National Palace of Haiti, going back to the colonial period. It has held various titles and was the residence of Colonial Governor General, to emperor and president.

President Alexandre Pétion was the fist Haitian president to reside at this Haiti National Palace.

The first Government Palace or Palais du Governement was built in the 18th century when the country was Saint-Domingue. In 1850, it become the Imperial Palace to accomodate for Emperor Faustin I of Haiti and his wife, Empress Adélina.

The Palace was destroyed on 19 December 1869 during the government of President Sylvain Salnave. On August 8, 1912, it was damaged by an explosion to which president Cincinnatus Leconte was counted among the victims

Mr Georges H. Baussan was the Haitian architect who designed in 1912 the National Palace that was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake.


Haiti National Palace:

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Subject: A Historic monument in Haiti, the National Palace, is to be demolished edit

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