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Valery Numa, Volunteer Ambassador for the Promotion of South of Haiti

Veteran journalist Valery Numa is known for his contributions to Haitian media and his active participation in several philanthropic projects within the country. Born on 1974 in Camp-Perrin, a Sud department of Haiti in the town Les Cayes, Numa had a growing passion for journalism and acquired his degree in Social Communication from the State University of Haiti. He has then worked for several radio stations and newspapers such as Radio Canada, France's L'Humanité, and Reporters Without Borders, and owns his own production company called Index Production.

Valery Numa has also directed and released two films entitled "La Presse face his destiny" and "Mission". The film "Mission" won an award in 2006 during the 2nd International Film Festival Haitien Montreal. Outside journalism, Valery is an active representative of humanitarian NGO's PSI-Haiti and Vocation Group that campaign for blood donations and assist poverty-stricken Haitians. He was recently involved in a tragic car accident in late 2011 but was able to recover from his injuries shortly after.

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Ambassador Carl-Henri Guiteau Appointed Envoy to the Holy See

Carl-Henri Guiteau was re-appointed Ambassador of Haiti to the Vatican Holy See on July 6, 2009, having served in that capacity from 2002 to 2004. He carries the title of Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Haiti to the Holy See.

In an official letter of acknowledgement, Pope Benedict XVI expressed his hopes for the future of Haiti, a country historically wracked by natural disaster, unstable governments, poverty, violence, and a rotting infrastructure.

Benedict XVI, in his letter to Ambassador Carl-Henri Guiteau, wished for him and Haiti the cooperation of the international community of donors to provide assistance to the poorest segments of the population. In particular, he stressed the disunification of families leading to the Diaspora, especially in the U.S.

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A Historic monument in Haiti, the National Palace, is to be demolished

This is the end of an era once again in the history of Haiti. The Government announced that the non-profit aid group of Sean Penn will oversee the demolition of the wrecked National Palace, free of charge. According to Government spokesperson, Lucien Jura, Penn's J/P HRO group will begin the demolition in the next 10 days. Sean Penn holds the title as ambassador-at-large for Haiti.

The crumbled Haiti National Palace has symbolized the level of destruction that took place in the Port-au-Prince area following the 2010 earthquake. Thousands of buildings were destroyed and over 200,000 people died.

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Maria Eugenia Barrios Aleman of Honduras, Ambassadors accredited to Haiti

Following Haitian President Martelly's acceptance of the credentials of new ambassadors from the countries' Denmark, Norway, and neighboring Jamaica in May, three other ambassadors from the United States, Germany, and Honduras have been warmly accepted this August at the National Palace in Port-au-Prince. This was in line with the Martelly administration's efforts in strengthening Haiti's international relations and further improving and developing the country and its people.

Ambassador María Eugenia Barrios Aleman of Honduras is one of the three newly accepted diplomats to Haiti. She is a doctor in medicine and general surgery and specializes in cosmetic and laser dermatology, as well as venereology. She also serves as a diplomat to Haiti's close neighbor, the Dominican Republic, since 2010.

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U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, Kenneth Merten is out and Pamela Ann White is in

In a move that seems shocking and unpredictable, President Barack Obama has nominated Ambassador Pamela Ann White, a career diplomat to replace the current U.S. Ambassador Kenneth H. Merten. To take effect, the nomination has to be approved by the U.S. Senate. This was announced on Monday, January 23, 2012.

"The Real power player"

Pamela Ann White currently serves as the U.S. Ambassador to Gambia. Prior to that, she worked for United States Agency for International Development (USAID) where she was Mission Director in Liberia, Tanzania, and Mali. From 1999 to 2001, Pamela Ann White served as USAID's Deputy Director for East Africa. She also held a number of overseas positions with USAID, including: Executive Officer in Senegal, Haiti, Egypt and South Africa and Community Liaison Officer in Burkina Faso.

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The New ambassador-at-large for Haiti, Sean Penn honored for work in Haiti

The Haitian Government has selected from the crowd someone who has been very dedicated to the cause of Haiti since the 2010 earthquake and made him ambassador-at-large for Haiti. It is no other than the movie actor Sean Penn.

A well deserved title.

However, does someone like Sean Penn have the character to be an ambassador-at-large?

I have never been an ambassador, but I know that to occupy that position, it requires certain "finess". I also know that someone like Sean Penn does not have any of that. The descriptions that match the movie actor include: raw, tough, profane, fearless, explosive and hard working. There is nothing diplomatic, however with Sean Penn

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Pamela white Steps in as the US Ambassador to Haiti

Pamela White was among the three new ambassadors to Haiti along with Peter Klaus from Germany and Maria Barrios from Honduras. Pamela was sworn in as the new US ambassador by president Obama taking over from Kenneth H. Merten, who has to been transferred to Croatia for the same diplomatic post. She was received cordially by Haitian President, Michael Martelly, in a ceremony held on the 3rd of August, 2012.

For a long time, Mrs. Pamela White has been an outstanding US representative in the international Diaspora and she was recently serving as the US ambassador in Gambia before being transferred to Haiti. She was also the Mission Director of the US Agency for International Development in Liberia, where she made invaluable contribution to the project's success.

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New Ambassador to Haiti, Klaus Peter Schick of Germany

Friday, the 3rd of August saw appointment of three top notch ambassador s to Haiti. Among them was Klaus Peter Schick who is to take over the responsibility as the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany. The list of the new ambassadors also included María E. Barrios Aleman of Honduras and US Ambassador to Haiti, Pamela White.

Accrediting the new appointees from the three states, President Michael Martelly expressed his gratitude for the new appointees and pointed out that him and his government officials were ready to work hand in with Klaus Peter Schick and the other two appointees for the betterment of Haiti. According to him, establishing a cordial relationship between Haiti and the states being represented by the three ambassadors will be the cornerstone to Haiti's economic growth and the overall social welfare of its countrymen.

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