Haitian Government Tackles Mangrove Crisis in Aquin

Much emphasis is placed upon the canopy cover of Haiti which covers only 4% of the island and many reforestation projects have been implemented to address this issue, but just as serious a problem in the deforestation of Haiti is the depletion of the coastal mangrove forests.


Mangroves are a naturally-occurring ecosystem crucial in maintaining a free flow of nutrients for the habitat of the large marine biodiversity, breeding and living in coastal waters. The mangrove is a thriving ecosystem. But climate change, causing a rise in sea levels, and the wide-spread cutting of mangroves are contributing to their gradual disappearance. Approximately 1% to 2% of mangroves are lost each year.

The mangrove crisis is particularly dire in Aquin in the South Department, affecting nearby coastal towns. The government of Haiti (GOH) is partnering with the UN Programme for Development (UNDP) to put into action a program to restore the Aquin mangroves within the next two years. The plan is to reduce the risk of saltwater leeching into the groundwater, thereby keeping the drinking water pure. Another aspect of the program will focus on educating the townspeople about mangroves' criticalness in protecting the environment, and the need to be good stewards and refrain from cutting them down.

The UNDP, GOH, and Canadian government are working to duplicate the program across the country, and make certain decision-makers at all levels of state and local governments have information and resources available on climate change to formulate policy.

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