Arnel Bélizaire and other candidates rejected CEP charges

Candidates Reject CEP Charges of Disrupting Elections. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is receiving backlash from several candidates, accused by the PEC of disrupting ballot casting during August's parliamentary elections. The PEC has removed 14 candidates from the second round of balloting. The rejected candidates have been accused of such actions as gun violence, stealing and/or destroying voting material, and generally disrupting the balloting process.


Three candidates in particular have denied and/or challenged the PEC's claims: West Department senate candidate, Arnel Belizaire; Northwest deputy candidate, Francois Claude; and deputy candidate, Joseph Deshommes.

Belizaire, representing APLA, claims he was not in Drouillard; in fact, he says, no voting station exists in Drouillard. He corresponded with PEC President Pierre Opont, asking him to take Belizaire off the list of rejected candidates, because no proof exists he shot off an automatic firearm to disperse voters.

Francois Claude of PHTK also disputes allegations he ransacked the Port-au-Paix balloting station. His office commented the PEC's actions are a result of ". . . a malicious maneuver of some poorly placed candidates . . . wishing at any price . . ." to advance to the second round.

Joseph Deshommes of VERITE refutes CEP allegations he shot off a firearm and destroyed the voting station. He claims the allegations "are designed to tarnish (his) image . . ." so he cannot win the first round of balloting.

The PEC can choose which candidates can be re-added to the list, or others eliminated by a process lacking transparency.

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