Lawyers in robes marched to demand revocation of Francisco René

Lawyers in Haiti have had enough! Following the arrest of their fellow, Andre Michel, a move many deem as unlawful, Haiti's robed workforce descended upon the streets like a flock of avenging angels to protest his arrest and also to demand the revocation of the Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, Francisco René. And they may have been quite right to, if reports as to the suspected nature of the arrest, severely unrepresented by the official arrest record, are to be believed.


For the Commissioner's part, his action of arresting Michel for what is described as a minor traffic infraction was motivated by the current Administration's wish to censor the lawyer who has been very active in cases filed against the government. As such, some of the protesters, unnamed, vocally and harshly criticized the Executive Body and the Minister of Justice, Jean Renel Sanon.

The lawyers made it clear they found Rene's actions to be an affront to all in their profession, and touted that the matter may only be ameliorated by the removal of the Government Commissioner from his post. The fact that some of Haiti's finest have so mobilized, and have been so zealous in their protestation of the matter since the outset, remember Michel's removal from the court just weeks ago, demonstrates that those in the legal profession are decided on not accepting this violation of their democratic right.

The momentum seems to not be waning as Me Carlos Hercule of the Ministry of Justice (the Bar Association of Port-au-Prince president) called for the lawyers to return on Monday the 11th to continue pleading their case.

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