Twenty Nine School principals arrested for fraud - 29 Direktè lekòl Anba Kod pou vòlè

The Minister of Justice in Haiti, Jean Renel Sanon, confirmed that 29 school principals were arrested in the West and Artibonite Departments, specifically Gonaives. The school principals have been running some of the public and private schools in the region for fraud. It includes school principals of both public and private.


Twenty Nine School principals arrested for fraud in Haiti

Minis Jistis la, Jean Renel Sanon, konfime ke 29 direktè lekòl yo te arete nan Gonaives. Li gen ladan l direktè lekòl nan piblik ak prive.

Sa Se Pou Dwet Long Siperye!

If this is to be true, do we have any role models left in the country

Are we in the process of adopting new values in our schools?

Si sa a vre, model nou se vòlè

Vole Fini pran peyia

Some members of the population are actually questioning these arrests, saying the arrest have nothing to do with fraud, but are political. One of the school principals arrested stated that he was preparing to become a candidate for Mayor of Gonaives in the next election, opposing a candidate for mayor who is the brother of Youri Latortue, current advisor to President Michel Martelly.

Kèk manm nan popilasyon an yo aktyèlman poze elèv la keksyon sa yo arestasyon, li di arestasyon an pa pou fwod, men plito politik. Youn nan direktè lekòl yo arete deklare ke li tap prepare pou li vin yon kandida pou Majistra nan Gonayiv nan eleksyon kap vini an. Li ap opoze yon kandida pou majistra ki se frè Youri Latortue, aktyèl konseye Prezidan Michel Martelly

What do you think about this? Do you believe these School Principals are thieves or just victim of the political system in Haiti?

Ki sa ou panse sou sa? Ou kwè direktè lekòl yo se yon bann vòlè oswa jis viktim sistèm politik la an Ayiti?

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Subject: Twenty Nine School principals arrested for fraud - 29 Direkte lekol Anba Kod pou vole edit

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