Call on the Bahamas to be a "big brother" to Haiti

Haiti's advocates aren't exactly a dime a dozen. It is a sorry state that radio-show host, Bahamian, Louby Georges spoke about recently, among other sentiments such as his country acting as a 'big brother' to Haiti. The occasion was the screening of the short-film 'Passage', by Kareem Mortimer at the National Art Gallery of the Caribbean's most prosperous country.


During his address to the audience as part of a panel discussion after the viewing, Georges used his considerable platform as host of the popular Kreyol Connection, to plead the cause of Haiti which he says, has been forgotten by the rest of the world, never mind the attention it gained post the 2010 earthquake.

Speaking quite passionately, Georges reminded those present of the service Haiti rendered to slaves all over the world when the might of the world powers decided to crush them and were met with a crippling fight. Since then, he stated, the world has more or less turned its back on the once proud, still-promising country. As he would have it, the Bahamas would act as a lobbyist for Haiti, taking the issues of the people of the much poorer country to the international ears it has at its disposal.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Fred Mitchell spoke about the bringing back of an agreement between the two countries for immigration procedures and work exchange that has remained signed by both countries but unratified by the government in Haiti since the ousting of Jean-Bertrand Arisitide.

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