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Hill Lakes Project in Northwest Department Nearly Finished

Last July, Haiti President Martelly participated in launching the National Program of Hill Lakes (NPHL), sponsored by government of Haiti (GOH) in Jean-Rabel and Baie-de-Henne. At the two artificially-constructed lakes, he dispersed hatchlings into the water, while Ministers of Agriculture and Brother Armand, Community of the Incarnation Director, looked on.

HPHL addresses issues of crop and livestock survival, water conservation, and food self-sufficiency. With Brother Armand's outreach efforts, 160 hill lakes have been established with volunteer laborers, who have excavated earth to build artificial lakes with tools and machinery provided by GOH.

After nearly a year into the project, Prime Minister Lamothe and Senator Melius of the Northwest Department met with Brother Armand in Petite Place Cazeau to present to the media the NPHL, its progress, and further goal-setting.

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Baie-de-Henne, Haiti fish farm

As part of his platform to decentralize government and create self-sustaining communities, Haiti President Michel Martelly officially launched the Baie-de-Henne fish farm, by releasing hatchlings at the Baie-de-Henne lake reservoir on July 20, 2012.

The Baie-de-Henne reservoir is among the latest hill-side lake to be incorporated into the National Program of Hill Lakes. It joins a series of recently opened hill-side lakes, now at 160 in the country.

The hill-side lakes' purpose is the raising of farmed fish and conservation of water resources, during the off-season of rainy weather. The hill-side lakes are a repository for crop irrigation and animal need for water during seasonal droughts. Besides the benefits of food self-sufficiency and conservation, the lakes also sustain the local ecosystem. Birds who inhabit these reservoirs feed on insects, which save crops.

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Launching of New Artificial Lakes by President Michael Martelly in Baie-de-Henne

The Northwest region of Haiti, which has been suffering from prolonged drought periods, will be bound to experience a new change altogether after construction of artificial lakes. The project which involved the construction of over 160 artificial lakes was well appreciated by the local dwellers that would use the new resource for fishing, watering their animals and using it for irrigation. With the established artificial lakes up and running, local dwellers will be in a position to adequately suffice their food needs and earn some income from the economic activities promoted by the new resource in the region, President Martelly said.

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