Brazil issued 900 visas to Haitians who came through Bolivia

Over 900 residency and work visas were issued to Haitians who entered Acre, Brazil illegally. The visas were issued by the Federal Task Force that was sent to Acre to deal with rising illegal immigration. State of Emergency was declared by Acre in the second week of April when more than 1,700 people illegally entered Acre within a fortnight. Though most of these illegal immigrants were Haitian, there were Africans and Asians too who entered the state through the route that has dense vegetation as a result of which, the border forces of Brazil cannot patrol the area properly.


The visas were issued only a few month after the government's declaration that 4,000 Haitians who have already entered the state will be accommodated and then border checks will be installed. This large influx of Haitians in Acre is mainly caused by the devastations caused by 2010 earthquake. Haitians seeking stability enter Brazil through Peru and Bolivian routes primarily because of the growing economy of Brazil. On the other hand, the Brazilian government issues 1,200 work visas every year but that numbers seems to be insufficient.

Despite the efforts of the Brazilian government, the non-Haitian immigrants think that the Brazilian government is biased as they are taking care of Haitians more than other immigrants. One anonymous immigrant told BBC that the conditions in his country are as bad as in Haiti but government is discriminating. Tiao Viana on the other hand says that border strategy is important because Brazil cannot resolve the issues faced by Haiti as well as the rest of the world.

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