Rehabilitation work in Avezac, Camp Perrin

The completion of the Avezac channel project has been a joint funding effort by the European Union (EU) and the French Development Agency (AFD) to increase the capacity of irrigation canals in Avezac to provide more accessible water to the farmlands located in the area. Fertile cropland will be extended to 2,000 hectares.


The irrigation project is subsumed under the Support to Agriculture Production and Food Security of South agency, which itself is part of the Food Safety Enhancement Program in Haiti, and also an inherent element of MDG. The total cost of the project is 12 million Euros.

Minister of Agriculture, Fresner Dorcin, says restoring and building modern irrigation systems ". . . will increase the potential of irrigated land in the country to 140,000 ha against less then 80,000 at present."

The French Ambassador to Haiti, Elisabeth Beton-Delegue, reminded everyone at the opening ceremony of the new irrigation system that France has been involved with agricultural rehabilitation projects in Haiti as far back as 1985. France has worked hand in glove with the government of Haiti to fund many irrigation projects, including the Arcahaie irrigation system.

EU Cooperation Director, Massimo Scalorbi, emphasized Haiti's agricultural sector's possibilities have been under-explored and must be moved upon ". . . to overcome hunger and move towards food self-sufficiency."

The finished renovation project is an important step in modern water management to address global warming, an inevitability all nations must face.

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