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Haitian Officials Graduated At ENAP of Quebec

On Tuesday, October 6th, a graduation ceremony of the National School of Public Administration (ENAP) of Quebec took place at the Hotel Karibe Convention Center. During the ceremony, twenty Haitian executives from ministries and decentralized agencies of the State after completing thirty months course, have received their parchment from André Bourret, the vice Rector for Academic Affairs of ENAP and of Head of the Government. The ceremony, chaired by Prime Minister Evans Paul, was attended by cabinet ministers and many other important dignitaries. The Prime Minister, during his speech for the occasion, had emphasized the fruitful partnership between Quebec, Canada and Haiti on the "Support Program to Strengthen Public Management in Haiti" (PARGEP). This new promotion has brought the total number of ENAP Master Holder Haitian officials in Public Administration (trained in Haiti) to 38.

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Montreal Protestors say DR must Stop Human Rights Abuses

Protesters in Montreal, Canada denounce the denationalization of Dominican of foreign descent

Demonstrators gathered on the streets of Montreal to condemn the Dominican Republic (DR) government's denationalization policy, affecting many hundreds of thousands Haitians and Dominican-Haitians. The DR's Constitutional Court ruled in 2013 Haitian migrants and their descendants, dating back to 1929, could no longer be considered citizens. The ruling also extends to Haitians who have Dominican ancestry.

Asma Heurtelou, Haitian-Canadian Caring Organization (HCCO) president, in a vague statement, says if there is an illegal situation concerning Haitian migrants, HCCO does not criticize the DR for it. However, the issue for HCCO is ". . . asking . . . their rights are respected", referring to Haitian descendants of migrants and Dominicans.

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Justin Viard fired as Consul General of Haiti in Montreal

Unexpected decision by the Government of Martelly-Paul to remove the current Consul General of Haiti in Montreal. Many people who have been observing the current government have concluded that something must have happened for the decision.

On Friday, September 4th, Justin Viard, the Consul General of Haiti in Montreal was called back from his responsibility. He was removed from his office by the Martelly-Evans administration for some undisclosed reasons which were not communicated by the Government of Haiti or by the Consul General himself. Justin was neither transferred, demoted nor posted to any other position on the diplomatic structure of Haiti whether inside or outside the country; he was simply revoked. The announcement of the sudden revocation of Justin Viard, the Consul General of Haiti in Montreal, caused many reactions of misunderstanding within the Haitian community of Montreal. The exact cause of wrath that might have motivated the decision of Port-au-prince is still unknown, however, some sources indicate that it could lead to the use of diplomatic representation of Haiti by a third party for private commercial purposes.

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Haiti Presidential Candidate Jean Chevalier Sanon, is Canadian

After Jacky Lumarque and François Levelt another presidential candidate for the upcoming election in Haiti has been excluded from the race. This time, it is Mr, Jean Chevalier Sanon who has been excluded from the race for misrepresenting his nationality. According to the CEP, he is a Canadian citizen and has been holing a Canadian passport.

Investigation conducted by the CEP revealed that the candidate Jean Chevalier Sanon is in possession of a Canadian passport, number JK702380.

Mr. Jean Chevalier Sanon is in violation of section 135 of the Haiti Constitution, paragraph (1), 36 of the Electoral Decree, paragraph (a) which stipulates that to be elected president in Haiti, you must be a Haitian of origin and never renounce your nationality at the time of registration. As a consequence, his case will be transferred to the criminal criminal courts.

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Canada Five-Year Strategy for Haiti Development

Canada renewed strategy for (2015-2020) engagement in Haiti

Canada is continuing its engagement with Haiti, renewing its strategic five year plan from 2015- 2020. Canada's main focus will be on sustainable economic growth in support of a flexible economy for Haiti. The mechanisms for growth will involve raising private sector participation and pushing for innovative financing. Canada anticipates it will achieve considerable success in raising the standard of living for Haitians over the next several years.

Canada's five-year strategy program will cover five priority areas of infrastructure development in Haiti:

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Haitians in Canada want More Time to Apply For Permanent Residence

On Monday, May 25, 2015, about 30 members of Montreal's Haitian community gathered outside the Citizenship and Immigration office in Montreal to denounce a federal government decision to resume deportation of about 3,200 Haitians and 300 Zimbabwe nationals. In an earlier statement dated December 1, 2014, the Canadian Government has informed that in acknowledgment of improved conditions in Haiti and Zimbabwe, the Government of Canada will lift the temporary suspension of removals (TSR) to these two countries, unless the people from Haiti and Zimbabwe living in Canada for decades, fulfill the immigration criteria and apply for a permanent resident status before June 1, 2015. People without any legal status from these two countries in Canada will be removed.

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What happened to the National Police academy project in Haiti promised by Canada?

Haiti's Stability depends on Stronger National Police Force. Canada has reneged on its commitment, made six years ago, to construct a new national police academy near Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The $18 million police academy would have included classrooms and equipment to instruct 300 mid-level police; among them commissioners and inspectors (the Haitian National Police operates without either higher-ranking officers).

The UN Security Council commented the Haitian National Police needs bolstering and it has become a "most critical task". The government of Haiti (GOH) must assume complete responsibility for its security needs pivotal to the country's general stability and economic growth. The UN peacekeeping mission, in Haiti for over 10 years, has renewed its stay until 2016.

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National Police Academy in Ganthier by Canada, toward public security in Haiti

Had the project of the National Police Academy in Ganthier been completed as per schedule, it could have played a significant role in the public security and peace building in the country. The project was initiated by Canada in 2008 and it was included in the five year program (2006-2011) of the Canadian International Development Agency or CIDA. The Honorable Beverley J. Oda, the Minister of International Cooperation at the time, announced that the Canadian International Development Agency will contribute a maximum amount of US$ 16,949,038 (CAN$ 18,100,000) to the construction project. Alongside the construction project, on April 8, 2010, Canada also committed CAN$16.5 million to the initial training and professional development of the Haitian National Police (HNP) senior officers so that they become more capable of ensuring the safety of the Haitian people.

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Well known Music promoter, Ewald Etienne, shot and killed in Montreal

Music promoter, Ewald Étienne, was gunned down last Thursday, December 17, 2014 in front of his home close to Maurice-Duplessis Blvd. in Montreal

Ewald Stephen who was 35 years old was also a cafe owner and bank employee. He has been described by many as a very kind and gentle person.

Haitian-born, Montreal-based show promoter Ewald Etienne became the 27th homicide victim for the city for the year when he was murdered in Rivière-des-Prairies, Montreal. The victim, 35 years of age, sustained at least one gunshot to the upper body in the incident that took place on 63rd Avenue, outside of a home near Maurice-Duplessis Boulevard.

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Measures in Quebec for those applying for permanent residence in Canada

Haitian Nationals Free to Apply for Permanent Residency in Quebec

Quebec, Canada has received news from the federal government suspension of deportation back to Haiti of its nationals is no longer in effect. Minister of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion (MIDI), Kathleen Weil, spoke of the steps to be implemented in Quebec to aid Haitian nationals, who desire to make an application for permanent residence in Canada, predicated on humanitarian principles. The majority of Haitian nationals have chosen Quebec as their home, and it is the wish of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to facilitate the application process. CIC will collaborate with MIDI to give social service organizations, contracted by MIDI, the funding to advocate for Haitian immigrants going through the application process. Haitians, who are eligible to apply for permanent residency, will be given until June 2015 to file their applications.

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