Happy Anniversary to the City of Cap-Haitian

Cap-Haitien is a city located on the north coast of Haiti. Previously, named as Cap-Français and Cap-Henri, it was an important city during the colonial period and was the first capital of the Kingdom of Northern Haiti under King Henri Christophe.


Cap-Haitien is known as the nation's largest center of Historic monuments and Tourism Finance. from its calm water and picturesque Caribbean beaches, to its Citadelle Laferiere one of the Great Wonders of the World have made it a resort and vacation destination. Cap-Haitien is also unique for its French colonial architecture, which has been uniquely well preserved. After the Haitian Revolution, many craftsmen from Cap-Haïtien fled to French-controlled New Orleans, as a result, the two cities share many similarities in styles of architecture. Especially notable are the many gingerbread houses lining the city's older streets.

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