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Tortug' Air: Haiti's National Flag Carrier

Tortug' Air plays a key role in Haiti's transportation infrastructure. Founded in March 2003, the airline is the country's national flag carrier, with over 200 employees. The road condition in Haiti is quite poor, giving people a difficult time to travel by land. With Tortug' Air, however, air flights to local and international destinations are made easier. Being one of the largest regional airlines also allows Tortug' Air to greatly contribute to the country's transportation industry.

The airline offers local flights to five destinations, which are Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, Jeremie, Cap-Haitien, and Port-de-Paix. Not only it services local flights, it also has international ones. Passengers can book air tickets to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, as well as the Bahamas' Nassau, Provo, and Turks and Caicos. It also has charter permits to fly to other Caribbean islands.

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Mr. Karl Jean-Louis, head of Investment Facilitation Center (CFI)

As the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti has been scrambling to recover from 2010's earthquake. Many sectors need investment, among them agriculture, energy, housing, and tourism. The need for investment dollars is great and the Investment Facilitation Center (CFI) a vital component to repairing the infrastructure and improving the economy.

CFI's aim is to cultivate relationships with private investors and drive them to developing investment opportunities throughout the island. Working with the local Chambers of Commerce, CFI will collaborate with investors to develop initiatives for local projects with significant growth potential.

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Office of Investment Facilitation Center (CFI) in Cap Haitien

Haiti's speedy and successful introduction to the world market is dependent on the investments the country acquires both locally and internationally from the different sectors. To make sure that the country is being able to attract more and more investments in so as to develop economically, the government Center for Investment Facilitation (CFI) that promotes and facilitates private investments to the country.

With the proclamation of CFI's former director Laurent Lamothe as Hawaii's new Prime Minister earlier this year, Mr. Karl Jean-Louis was since given the task to head the responsibilities of the autonomous body. The CFI is the union of the public and private sectors in further developing Haiti in terms of its economy through investment opportunities. This is for the Haiti's government and its departments to gain support in the different projects that aim for the development and welfare of the country and its citizens. With its slogan to the rest of the world, "Haiti is now open for business". The CFI has been said to be able to have helped establish more than a hundred companies and have provided about 60,000 jobs through the years.

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Haitian airline crashed near Cap-Haitian, Three people dead

Breaking News. The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that a domestic airline just crashed as it was preparing to land in Cap-Haitian. Haitian authorities reported that the landing was taking place during a rain storm.

According to the authorities, the airplane only had the two pilots and one passenger and all three were found dead.

At this time if we receive any more information about the Airplane crash in Haiti, we will let you know.

In summary, what we know is that the domestic airline was in route to the City of Cap-haitian. It crashed and killed thw pilots and the only passenger in the airplanes

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Video Report - Michel Martelly in Cap-Haitian walked from Airport to Place Dame

Here is a video report of Haitian president Michel Martelly during a visit to the city of Cap-Haitian on July 24, 2011. The president actually walked from Cap-Haitian airport all the way to the Place Notre Dame of Cap-Haitian. This video takes you to the entire journey. the president, sometimes dances, sometimes run as the population was singing and dancing. All the people were apparently very happy to see their president being just like them.

As he arrived at the Place Notre Dame of Cap-Haitian, President Michel Martelly visited several location, including "Archeveche du Cap".

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CFI Director Karl Jean-Louis Seeks Investment Opportunities for Haiti

Karl Jean-Louis, Director of Investment Facilitation Center (CFI), recently opened an office in Cap-Haïtien. Jean-Louis wants to attract a group of multi-lingual, capable, and committed professionals to provide resources, research, and act on investment opportunities as they appear. He wants the CFI to be proactive, productive, and develop working relationships with the great north Chamber of Commerce.

The CFI's goal is to highlight local projects in the great north and east regions of Haiti, ripe for investment. To this end, CFI intends to nurture potential investors and steer them towards developing investment opportunities in local areas. The Cap-Haïtien Chamber of Commerce's role is to assist both CFI and potential investors to develop initiatives for investment opportunities and oversee them as they progress.

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Paul Magloire was Haitian Military ruler

Magloire was born on July 19, 1907 in Cap Haitien, Haiti. He gained his leadership skills from his mother, General Magloire Rose. He joined the Haitian army in 1930 but due to his hard work he was promoted to Police Chief of Port-au- Prince in 1944. In 1946 he took part in coup against President Elie Lescot. His ability to fight for his rights made him to become the president in 1950 after removing President Dumarsais Estime from power.

He was a great leader who improved tourism in Haiti through maintaining good relations with US and European tourists. Magloire used the money the country got from coffee export to develop Haiti by repairing towns, building roads, public building and dam building. He was a social being who cerebrated and held parties with Haitians always. He empowered women's suffrage institutions.

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Haiti wakes-up on Fire, following the Haiti Election 2010

Following the results of the 2010, protesters showed their frustration by burning public and private institutions, setting tires on fire and installing barricades all over he country.

The Haitian Joudalist just learned that the city of Cayes was practically on fire last night. Some public buildings in the city were burned to the ground, including DGI, The seaport "Dwan o Kay", the Justice Palace and several schools. In addition, Radio Carlos Lebond was vandalized and "Boulevard 4 Chemin"is paralized.

Similar situations were also noted in the city of Cap-Haitian. There has been several acts of violence reported in Haiti following the results of the Haiti Election 2010. In several neighborhoods in Cap-Haitian, tires were burning in the streets.

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Happy Anniversary to the City of Cap-Haitian

Cap-Haitien is a city located on the north coast of Haiti. Previously, named as Cap-Français and Cap-Henri, it was an important city during the colonial period and was the first capital of the Kingdom of Northern Haiti under King Henri Christophe.

Cap-Haitien is known as the nation's largest center of Historic monuments and Tourism Finance. from its calm water and picturesque Caribbean beaches, to its Citadelle Laferiere one of the Great Wonders of the World have made it a resort and vacation destination. Cap-Haitien is also unique for its French colonial architecture, which has been uniquely well preserved. After the Haitian Revolution, many craftsmen from Cap-Haïtien fled to French-controlled New Orleans, as a result, the two cities share many similarities in styles of architecture. Especially notable are the many gingerbread houses lining the city's older streets.

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