Cap-Haitien Architecture

The former Capital of the colony of Saint-Domingue, Cap-Haitian was called Cap-Francais and consequently, has kept the beautiful French architecture of the time.


Cap-Haitien is the highlights of Haitian History besides the cultural values of its architecture. Its well preserved French colonial architecture was so beautiful and modern during the French colonization that it was surname "The Paris of the west"

Christophe rebuilt the re-named Cap Haitian, which became his capital, to some of its former glory. His most impressive achievements were his castle, the Palais Sans Souci, which is said to have rivaled Versailles in its day, and the behemoth Citadelle.

There are so many places were you can see right in front of you this great French Architectural influence: La Prefecture et la Cathedrale. Several homes in the city have.

Cap-Haitien is a place where mother nature is also respected. It is surrounded by tall mountains, lush vegetation and many beautiful springs and rivers.

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