Caracol Gets on Power Grid at Last

Caracol, Haiti, which had never been on the power grid, has been able to receive electricity service for the first time due to the Boone Electric Cooperative (BEC). The project has been ongoing for the last two years. The project really started to pick up steam when the Community Electrification Project (CEP) began their own efforts to bring electric service to rural areas in Haiti like Caracol.


Two electricians, Travis Lynn and Simon Munnik, from BEC and CEP respectively, merged their knowledge and experience to help complete the project in Caracol. Munnik discovered what a first-rate electrician service is all about when he went to see the BEC operation in Caracol. He observed the tools used and safety standards adhered to missing in Haiti's utility sector.

Munnik and Lynn brought together several groups of volunteers to work on the Caracol project. They created a standard operating procedure for electricians to follow for installing new power lines and the maintenance of them. As a result, with properly-trained volunteers and the equipment needed, BEC and CEP were able to lay 25 miles of power cables on the island, bringing 650 customers onto the power grid.

What has made the more than two year effort so successful is the work terminology, codified among the electric cooperatives, known as the Rural Electric Association Standards. The industry jargon allowed any electric cooperative from any place on the island know how to continue the work someone else had left unfinished.

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