Chaloska, The story of Charles Oscar and Carnival

The story of Chaloska goes as follows, Chief Charles Oscar was a military commander in charge of the police in Jacmel. He was feared by many


The specific things that made him a distinct figure is that he was tall and strong, with big teeth.

His story became one that crosses several generations in Haiti and somehow stays with the time.

It came at a time of great instability in Haiti, politically and socially. President Vilbrun Guillaume Sam was forced to contend with a revolt against his government, led by Dr. Rosalvo Bobo. Unable to do so, he fled to the French embassy, where he received asylum. The mulatto rebels broke into the embassy and captured him. The Haitian president was beating to death and his cadaver ripped into pieces and paraded the parts through the capital's neighborhoods.

During the same time, Charles Oscar took the opportunity to take 500 prisoners from the local jail and kill them all.

This was described as one of the most horrible crime scene ever seen in Haiti. There were was so much blood as a result, this caused the population to revolt. They tored Charles Oscar into pieces and set fire to his remains.

It was reported that the group went all over town telling the population that Chaloska always finally dies

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