Congratulation to national carnival in Gonaives

Haitians love their national carnival season. This year, through the efforts of various bodies and individual, the festivities that took place in Gonaives from March 2 to March 4 has left the nation on a post-celebration high. The country's president has rightly set about publicizing thanks to all those concerned in the smooth procession of the 2014 carnival.


The success of the three-day affair, where order and civility are concerned, was due in part to the effort of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), the health care workers and facilities on watch, and the public at large. While there were some casualties, as can be expected with any mass event like a carnival (472 wounded and nearly 50 arrested), there were only two reported deaths, one from a traffic accident and the other from over-imbibing.

Even though a number of clashes broke out in the crowd, leading to the hundreds of wounded people, the Head of State expressed thanks to the people of Gonaives as well as the many hundreds of thousands of patrons who, for the most part, were orderly and practiced civility while demonstrating solidarity.

President Martelly also noted that the carnival had a further positive influence on the country's fourth largest city. For the third year in succession, the carnival has been relocated, driving attention and tourist interest to the areas it inhabits. The shift drives income from this field as well as highlights the pleasant, important and positive aspects of the country such as its rich history and beautiful landscape.

The city of Gonaives also benefited greatly from the attention given to their roads in preparation for the carnival this year.

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