Inauguration of tourist reception in Milot in the town of Choiseul

In hot pursuit of the title of 'Tourism Destination of the Caribbean' for the country he is president of, Michel Martelly and his tourism minister Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin were on site at Milot in the northern town of Choiseul recently to witness the inauguration of a major tourist reception structure.


With Cap-Haitien 12 miles to the north, Milot is the site of Haiti's most loved and well-known landmarks, the Citadelle Laferrière. Chosen as one of the many sites to profit from the new push to Haitian tourism by creating more tourist reception centers across the country, the investment made at Milot is a great contribution to the attraction of expeditions to the National Historical Park.

The changes wrought by this construction have not been lost on the people living in the region. The attention they have received from the government as one of 20 designated tourist sites intended for improvement will create the chance for a thriving market for the community. The addition of a restaurant, 11 kiosks for crafts merchants, an audiovisual room and an infirmary make the area well equipped for its intended new use.

The reception area in Milot is a favorable milestone of the new tourism plan for Haiti. While the country once thrived on tourism, political upheavals and natural disasters have left the industry all but crumbled. Only Labadee and some other attractions have survived into this decade. With the investments and improvements being made to places like Milot hope for Haiti's future as a tourist destination is now more than just a pipe dream.

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