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PM Laurent Lamothe Circumvents Article 98.3 of Haiti Constitution

Laurent Lamothe, Haiti's Prime Minister, has become increasingly unpopular in Parliament. On January 8th, 2013, Lamothe attempted to read the balance sheet of Haiti's budget for 2012 and present the proposed budget for 2013, before an assembly of Parliament. Among those present were all ministries of the government of Haiti, the diplomatic staff, and other government officials.

As Lamothe began his budget presentation, an outburst of hostilities erupted from a minority partisan group, Parliamentarians for Institutional Strengthening (PRI). They interfered with Lamothe's presentation, ringing bells, blowing police whistles, and heckling him. Unable to continue, he stepped away from the deafening clamor in the legislative chambers, and submitted the budgets directly to the Office of the National Assembly (ONA). He declared he was fulfilling "the requirements of the Constitution" by doing so.

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Haitian President Philippe Sudre Dartiguenave

Philippe Sudre Dartiguenave was a Haitian Politician. He was born on April 6, 1863 in Haiti.

Philippe Sudre Dartiguenave was pro -American who ruled under the control of United State government. He became the president of Haiti from 12th August 1915 to 15th May 1922 through the Haitian-American treaty. This treaty involved American and Haitian military force and it was under the control of U.S marine. U.S had powers to control Haiti's finances and would intrude Haiti any time they wanted. Haitians were not allowed to elect a president. In fact, Philippe Sudre Dartiguenave was a U.S selection.

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Anel Alexis Joseph Stands By CSPJ

Anel Alexis Joseph has landed on a position wherein he can better help improve Haiti's judicial system. He was inaugurated as one of the new members of the Superior of Judicial Powers (CSPJ) in a ceremony at the School of Magistrates. He teams up with eight other members comprising the new panel as the President of the Court of Cassation.

Anel Alexis Joseph believes that before the CSPJ's establishment, the power that the judicial, legislative, and executive branches hold is not balanced. He said that the Constitution was not receiving the respect it deserves, while the Executive was undermining the power of the judiciary. With the new panel, all these issues are expected to be addressed as its establishment will give way to the separation of power among the three branches.

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Legal Expert Says 2011 Constitution Does Not Endanger Voodoo Faith

An on-going debate over whether the practice of voodoo is being threatened by the amended 1987 Constitution has stirred the embers of its practitioners' fears.

Voodoo, brought to Haiti by Congolese slaves, became entrenched in Haitian culture, early in its history.

In 1935, under the rule of Stenio Vincent, the 1935 Decree Law defined voodoo as a superstitious belief system and banned the practice of it. For over 50 years, the Decree Law was not tampered with. By 1987, though, the amended Constitution struck down the Decree Law with Article 297, invalidating the definition of voodoo as a superstitious practice. A presidential decree on April 4, 2003, further legitimized the voodoo faith. But in May 2011, Article 297 was annulled, and has given rise to fears that voodooists would suffer persecution for their beliefs.

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Turnep Delpe over Amended Constitution

The head of state in Haiti was on Friday faced with challenge from the members of the senate including Turnep Delpe as he was preparing to publish the amended constitution. The head of the National progressive democratic party of Haiti, Mr. Turnep Delpe addressed the media saying that the amended constitution was not properly representing the views of the people of Haiti. He said that if the president would publish the constitution prior to the consensus of the senate, the will be a political divide in the country. President Michel Martely was expected to give consent to the publication of the constitution.

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No Protection for Voodoo Religion by Amended Haiti Constitution

The majority of modern-day Haitians believes in and practices at least some aspects of voodoo. In 1935, a law effectively stated the practice of Voodoo as superstitious, noting that individuals who participate in different ceremonies and practices that function as an offering to local deities such as the sacrificing of livestock could be fined or even imprisoned. It was then abolished in the 1987 constitution due to the change in government and the protests of Haitians. In 2003, Voodoo was officially recognized as an official religion in Haiti, meaning it enjoyed the same rights and legal protections as any other religion.

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2011 Amended Constitution Puts Voodoo Believers on Guard

Haiti's amended 1987 Constitution has stirred up debate on the practice of voodoo. Its origins are traceable to African slaves, transported to Haiti during its early history, and many of them from the Congo, brought voodoo religion.

In 1935, a Decree-Law banned voodoo ceremonies, including animal sacrifice to deities. For over a half-century, the Decree-Law stood until the 1987 Constitution annulled Article 297 of the Decree-Law. In another step, Haiti recognized voodoo as an accepted form of faith in 2003.

Recently, voodoo was abolished again by the newly amended 2011 Constitution, published by the Martelly administration. Voodooists, alarmed by struck-down Article 297 ". . . will have to use their own means to protect themselves from any attacks against them", according to priestess Euvonie Augustus.

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No Discrimination on Voodoo through Article 297, Government Reassures Vodouisants

There has been concern over article 297 which had been pending since 1935 of Haiti's constitution recently signed by President Michael Martelly. The article, which had not been promulgated yet, was acting against all superstitious practices and Voodoo practice as well. The National Confederation of Haitian Vodoo head, Mrs. Euvonie Auguste, expressed her fears and said that currently, inclusion of article 297 of the constitution removes the legal protection that that voodoo was enjoying for a long time. According to her, Voodoo religion and its followers were bound to be discriminated by law and by the society at large prompting them to seek other means of protection.

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Francois Duvalier - The First Haitian President for Life

On April 14, 1907, Francois Duvalier was born in Port-Au-Prince in Haiti. His father was once a school teacher and later, he became a judge in a municipal court. He went to Haitian National University where he graduated with a degree in Medicine in 1934. He went to advance his studies in Michigan University from 1944 to 1945. In Haiti, he was a man who liked to embrace the Haitian culture and was a leader of Griot Movement in 1930s. After graduating at Michigan, he returned back to Haiti and was appointed as the Minister for Health and Labor under President Dumarsias Estime.

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Michel Martelly said: Garry Conille does not meet residency requirement

Then if this is the case why did the president nominate Dr. Garry Conille for Prime Minister. According to Article 157 of the Haitian constitution, the Prime Minister of Haiti must reside in the country for five consecutive years. Does that mean the president does not have any respect for the Haitian constitution?

Is that true that "Loa en Haiti Se Sel Nan tet Moun Li Dansè"

According to President Michel Martelly, before nominating Dr. Garry Cornille, he took the advice of his legal team. The president also stated that the fact that Garry Conille has not resided in Haiti for the past five years is not a hidden history. However, Garry Conille pays taxes to the United Nations for Haiti.

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