All Five Dominican Consulates in Haiti closed until further notice

The Dominican authority has made the decision to close all its consulates in Haiti following the incident that took place recently where some people entered one of their consulates in Port-au-Prince and removed their flag. The Dominican government wants that the Haitian government to give them full guarantee that similar incidents will not take place before they open their consulates.


On the other hand, Castillo Seman from Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), wants every single Dominican currently living in Haiti to pack their bags and return to the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) has become very influential in the current government. Their influence on the issue of immigration has strengthened in the administrations of former President Leonel Fernandez and in the current administration of President Danilo Medina.

Meanwhile, our Haitian government has been very quite about this situation that has been getting from bad to worst.

Is this a strategy on the part of the Haitian government?

"Politik Moun Bebe!!!

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Neg Mkiserne says...

No, it is not a strategy.

The mulatto never care about the black haitian and their life. Look at wnat happened in the 1930's. The mulatoes were in power and the blue and red flag was up. Under wnat type of goverment did the domican obtained their seperation from Haiti?

We need to teach the mulatoes a lesson first.

Before we let the dominican know who we

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Subject: All Five Dominican Consulates in Haiti closed until further notice edit

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