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Anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) reported in Corail, Petit-Goave

As news spreads about a new outbreak of Anthrax, even as the country faces the threat of the chikungunya wave, fears about contamination and contraction have left people paranoid. Bacillus anthracis cases have been reported over the past few weeks in the localities of various sections such as the eight communal section of Petit Goave, Corail.

Assessments undertaken by local peasants estimate that 6 oxen have succumbed to the disease, and at least 9 humans have been infected. They urged the UCS-Goavienne and the local communal agricultural office to take urgent action to help eradicate the disease, which is impervious to heat, many substances for disinfection, drought, gamma and ultraviolet rays. Probably the most pressing part of the matter is that contaminated meat is being sold on the market, representing the threat of a widespread epidemic.

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Town of Beaumont in Haiti to produce yams, bananas and cassava

The town of Beaumont is located in Corail Arrondissement in Haiti's Grand'Anse department, deep in Haiti's Southern mountains. Haiti's President Michel Martelly went on a visit to Beaumont to look at how people live and how their living conditions can be improved. President Martelly plans to put more industries and population in the rural area so as to develop it. He believes that agriculture will improve Haiti. He thus thought of introducing production of yams, bananas and cassavas.

Production of yams, bananas and cassavas will greatly develop Beaumont in terms of creating jobs opportunities and also will improve Beaumont's economy. If the people of Beaumont agree to move from the urban areas and settle in the rural area where they will engage in farming, Beaumont will greatly develop and their living conditions will improve. Poverty is one of the greatest challenges facing Haiti and since there is enough land but people lack ideas on how to use it, President Michel thought of giving them the idea. The president was ready to support that farming if the people of Haiti were willing to develop.

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Arrondissement of Corail

Corail is a town in Haiti. In the Grand'Anse Department, it is a municipality in the Corail Arrondissement. It is located at a 155 meters altitude above the level of the sea. Corail is located at 73° 53' 0" West and 18° 34' 0" North.

After the earthquake that took place in 2010, there was rapid growth in the population as people in thousands, trotted into Corail. In Haiti, it is known as the only 'official camp' which has been set up in April 2010, thanks to the Haiti government.

A lot of planning was involved in Corail's camp construction. However a large number of NGOs or non-governmental organizations provided aid with trouble rooms and clean latrines and water in the camp.

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