Ex-Presidential Advisor, Richard Morse, Blows the Lid on Government of Haiti Corruption

Richard Morse, former Special Envoy for Political Affairs in the Martelly government, quit in January 2012. He gave no explanation then, but has now agreed to talk about it.


He said he resigned due to endemic corruption within Martelly's administration. Morse, Martelly's cousin, related how he attempted to get investigations started on two occasions without success. Working at the National Palace, he saw proof of officials' malfeasance. Many of them were collecting paychecks, although no longer on the government payroll. Morse also discovered public-works laborers pouring water into run-off ditches just before Haiti's storm season. The reason was self-evident to Morse: "If you are creating disasters, it can only be for aid money." Morse reported the criminal acts to government authorities, who blatantly ignored him, much to his distress.

Marie-Carmelle Jean-Marie, Minister of Finance, tried to introduce transparency into government processes, but, frustrated, gave up because Parliament refused to consider legislation on it. She indicated it was counter-productive to work with colleagues unwilling to unite against government corruption.

Morse, once a staunch ally of Martelly, is very disappointed he has not heeded Morse's warnings. Martelly is a political neophyte, whose inexperience has made him vulnerable to corrupt influences within his own government. For Morse, Martelly's intractability has been a grave disappointment. Morse played a significant role in Martelly being elected, served as one of his chief advisors, but now sees Martelly eroding under pressures of wanting to stay in office.

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Subject: Ex-Presidential Advisor, Richard Morse, Blows the Lid on Government of Haiti Corruption edit

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