Judge Lamarre Belizaire with 5 Orders on Jean Bertrand Aristide not Executed

Can someone talk to Judge Lamarre Belizaire for me please? He needs to know that nobody is paying attention to his orders on Jean Bertrand Aristide. Not the Haiti Police Chief, not the Police, not the demonstrators in front of Aristide's home in Tabarre, not members of Lavalas Political Party who come and go in his home, not Jean Bertrand Aristide himself.


Let's make some senses out of this. Our beloved Judge Lamarre Belizaire issued so far a total of 5 Court Orders on the Former Haitian President and the all went straight to the garbage.

Order 1 - Travel Ban - Aristide has not been anywhere since he came back from exile anyway

Order 2 - Court Summons(August, 2014) - Aristide did not show-up

Order 3 - Arrest Warrant - No one dear tried to implement this order. Godson Orelus was ordered to explain why order was not implemented

Order 4 - House Arrest - Jean Bertrand Aristide is visited by family members, friends and supporters as usual

Order 5 - Extraction Order issued on October 9, 2014. We are still waiting for that tooth to be extracted

Pawol Pale, Pawol Kompran

A la fin, nou kapab realize ke Jij Lamarre Belizaire se yon "Joker". Ti nom lan voye yon total de 5 Manda bay ansyen Prezidan an, yon pa exzekite.

Premye Manda - Intedi Prezidan-an soti nan payi-a - Pawol Bobinn

Deziem Manda - Vini jwin mwin nan Tribinal, Imediatman - Nad Marinad

Twaziem Manda- Mwin Mande Pou Yo Arete Aristide Immediatman - Nad marinad

Katriyem Manda - OK, Aristid Ap Rete Lakay Li Na Prizon. Yon Moun Pa Sipoze Vini Na Kay Sa San Pemisyon'm - Nad Marinad.

Cinkyem Manda- Mwin Made Pou Lapolic Ale Retire Nom Sa Lakay Li Et Minmin Li Banm Mwin - Nad Marinad

A la fin, mwin ta rekomande se Jij Lamaree Belizaire minm ki al cheched Aristide lakay li, mare li ak yon kod pit, mete li devan epi di "Mache!" .

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Subject: Judge Lamarre Belizaire with 5 Orders on Jean Bertrand Aristide not Executed edit

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