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Craft Village in Choiseul, Milot

North Ministry of Tourism in Haiti has been busy with construction projects to attract more tourism to the region. Several projects are ongoing, and more are planned to begin soon. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's (RCCL) Vice President, Frank Byrne, led a two-day tour to view progress being made on projects in Cap-Haitien, Milot, and the Bay of Acul du Nord.

The initial stop was Cap-Haitien, where a craft market is being built for the tourist trade. Next was Milot where several projects to improve tourism infrastructure are nearing completion. A craft market is being built, as well as public toilets, a health clinic, restaurant, and information kiosks. The group also surveyed Sans-Souci Palace and Citadelle la Ferriere sites. Following, Byrne met with the press to share news a push is happening to lure eco-tourists to the North region for biking events. Dieudonne Etienne, North Regional Director of the Ministry of Tourism, announced a police sub-station to be built in Milot for the comfort and safety of tourists.

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Recyclable Materials Used for Carnival Costume Wear

Haiti's Carnival of Flowers, being held for the second year running, is an expensive event for the government of Haiti to subsidize. Controversy it has posted a loss rather than a profit--as the GOH claims--has had calls from activists to stop holding it.

One solution helping defray costs is a group of entrepreneurs, who create Carnival costumes out of garbage: flowers, hats, and dresses. Haitian teens, part of Good Demen Haiti (GDH), are making flowers to adorn carnival hats, both made from recycled materials.

The members of the organization, at-risk youth, use plastic bottles delivered from waste collection centers in Port-au-Prince by garbage collectors. After thoroughly sanitizing the plastic containers the members work creating innovative art objects.

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