Convicted Cocaine trafficker Ernst Jeudy, candidate for Delmas

We have learned that a candidate for Deputy for Delmas qualified to go to second round is a Convicted Cocaine trafficker. Ernst Jeudy was charged with cocaine trafficking after close to half-pound of cocaine on him by a trained dog at Miami International Airport


According to Miami Herald, Ernst Jeudy pleaded guilty for cocaine trafficking in 1987 and was sent to jail for three and half years

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Shime Leroy says...

nan annee ca yo noune qui pa te prend chance yo te rare ce ca qui fais bon cou haitien gain on bel train de vie li te deveine yo quimber li si yo te ap chercher trafikant drogue yo ta ap remasser presque tout haitien surtout gran neg

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Subject: Convicted Cocaine trafficker Ernst Jeudy, candidate for Delmas edit

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