How to Prepare for a Mass Demonstration

To endure a mass demonstration, be well prepared. Since you can't predict how long a mass demonstration will last, get ready for the weather conditions. If there will be mass arrests, and other unknown contributing factors.



Dress for comfort and the weather as you are ready to participate in a mass demonstration. Wear walking or running shoes for long hours spent on your feet marching. Protect your eyes from sun's glare and/or possible outbreaks of violence (you could get caught in cross-fire between police and agitators). Sweatshirts, hoodies, rain jackets, or other weather-appropriate gear will protect you against the elements during the long hours of demonstrating.

Other necessary items to carry with you include:

• bottled water (you need hydration especially in warm weather).
• a first-aid kit.
• rx meds.
• medical bracelets.
• money (use cash if you can).
• pain relievers.
• energy snacks or trail mix.
• Gatorade (for rehydration).
• asthma medications.
• tampons (for nose bleeds).
• notebook and pens to document violent incidents.
• flash light for night marches.


• don't wear anything that can be used to choke or pull you (unbound long hair, long earrings, long key chains)
• don't attend the demonstration by yourself; if you end up arrested or hurt, you need friends to support and take care of you.
• don't use drugs or alcoholic substances or have them on you for obvious reasons.

Other practical items

Use a large overnight bag to organize and carry these necessities. Bring only as much as you think you'll need.

If you're camping out at a designated protest-park, portable tents, camp stoves, and sterno fuel will provide a home away from home.

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